Our seminars provide vital information, that in themselves provide such vital information that will inform, protect and save lives during the most dangerous situations. 

Our Seminars


Self Defense Seminar

This seminar is focused on PREPARING INDIVIDUALS OF ALL AGES to protect themselves in real-life scenarios while developing situational awareness. Students learn how to defend against an intensive attack, perform basic self-defense actions against a wide range of possible assaults, using only the force necessary to subdue the assailant in ANY SITUATION.


Active Shooter Seminar

This training focuses on an active shooter situation where we must act fast. These situations can occur at our workplace, while traveling, in public gatherings, sporting events, entertainment centers, restaurants and more.   This seminar teaches valuable reality-based lessons in a no-nonsense format and provides step-by-step instructions of attack countermeasures that can save lives.


Elite Counter-Terror

This high-level seminar focuses on armed counter-terrorism situations. It is designed for law enforcement and public safety agencies, the military, EMS and other security teams and agencies.


Corporate Safety Traveling and Consulting

This seminar focuses on safe traveling and how to respond if being targeted while traveling abroad.

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