Active Shooter Prevention & Preparation

A customized prevention and preparedness workshop of what to do and how to react in an active shooter situation. We teach …

Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

We perform an all-encompassing assessment of security vulnerability & safety procedures.

Tactical Armed Response for Active Shooter & Counter-Terror Situations

This training focuses on ARMED RESPONSE for active shooter and counter-terror…

Executive Protection Training

As an executive protection professional, your primary objective is to protect and ensure the safety of any VIP…

Krav Maga Seminars

This seminar is focused on PREPARING INDIVIDUALS OF ALL AGES to protect themselves in …

Force-on-Force Training

This training provides trainees with the MOST PRACTICAL OF ALL COURSES …

School Safety Active Shooter Training

Active shooter for schools and educational facilities focusing on …

Corporate & Business Empowerment Response Team Building Workshops

The primary objective of this workshop is to provide …

Health Care and Medical Facilities Safety Training

This training focuses on educating medical site personnel on workplace safety and security.

Place of Worship Active Shooter Safety Training

This training focuses on religious institutions and provides professional …

Hotels/Public Arenas/Sporting Events Active Shooter Safety Training

This training focuses on an active shooter situation in …

Public Transportation Safety Training

This training focuses on an active shooter situation on public transportation. These situations …

Active Shooter Prevention & Preparation

Response Protocols & Action Plan

Policy & Procedures Manual

Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

Early Detection & Mitigation

Protection of Human Life

About Magen 

The founder and owner is a former Israeli Defense Forces lieutenant, Chanan is an expert in the active shooter, security, protection, and self-defense fields. Years of real-world combat experience commanding missions as a sharpshooter, along more than a decade of consulting and training, have given him a deep understanding of the complexities of mass-shootings and the mind of the shooter, as well as close-combat fighting.


Part of an elite defense group specializing in counter-terror operations and security and public safety, Chanan has trained Secret Service agents and community members alike.

With his extensive experience in efficiently and effectively preventing, controlling, and de-escalating hostile situations, he has created programs to empower individuals and organizations with confidence and security protocols customized to every space and situation.

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