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Active Shooter Response Training

This training focuses on an active shooter situation where you must act quickly and decisively. We teach …

Strategic Safety & Security Partner

We perform an all-encompassing assessment of security vulnerability & safety procedures.

Tactical Armed Response for Active Shooter & Counter-Terror Situations

This training focuses on ARMED RESPONSE for active shooter and counter-terror…

Executive Protection Training

As an executive protection professional, your primary objective is to protect and ensure the safety of any VIP…

Krav Maga Seminars

This seminar is focused on PREPARING INDIVIDUALS OF ALL AGES to protect themselves in …

Force-on-Force Training

This training provides trainees with the MOST PRACTICAL OF ALL COURSES …

School Safety Active Shooter Training

Active shooter for schools and educational facilities focusing on …

Corporate & Business Empowerment Response Team Building Workshops

The primary objective of this workshop is to provide …

Health Care and Medical Facilities Safety Training

This training focuses on educating medical site personnel on workplace safety and security.

Place of Worship Active Shooter Safety Training

This training focuses on religious institutions and provides professional …

Hotels/Public Arenas/Sporting Events Active Shooter Safety Training

This training focuses on an active shooter situation in …

Public Transportation Safety Training

This training focuses on an active shooter situation on public transportation. These situations …

Active Assailant Response Training

Workplace Security

Tactical Armed Response

Executive Protection Training

Krav Maga Seminars

Force on Force

About Magen 

We offer a wide variety of trainings and travel anywhere in the world to do so. We perform a security assessment of your property, train people in the dynamics of a violent attack, and create an emergency action plan.


Magen Tactical Defense (“Magen”) was established in 2012 by reserve officers from elite IDF units and security divisions.

Our training goes well beyond the typical “Run, Hide” instructions which do not work. We teach you how to handle the situation and the aggressor both physically and mentally.

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